Smart Meeting Rooms

Adgar Tower, Petah Tikva

The Adgar Tower was built by the Adgar Group and offers a comprehensive business environment, with a variety of office space for leasing. The building includes a presentation auditorium, a SPA, public restaurants and smart meeting rooms, all designed by AVD.
The Adgar Group headquarters are located on the top floor of the Adgar Tower, where IP-based videoconferencing is used on a daily basis.
All Audio-Visual systems, including a fully comprehensive digital signage system, have been commissioned and in operation since 2008.
The Adgar meeting rooms are an excellent model of hi-tech and décor synergy.

MediaTech, Naharia

A multimedia room where children can enjoy listening to a story that is combined with special effects. The storyteller can choose from up to about 20 effects – each one combining a short animation and sound, together with a synchronized lighting effect..

The auditorium is dual-functioning, providing a magical room for story telling or a standard presentation auditorium with a surround sound system.

Migdal Boardroom, Tel Aviv

The Migdal executive boardroom is a state of the art boardroom. It was designed to cooperate a pleasant environment for headquarters' board meeting, presentations, audio and video conferences with the mother company GENERALY.
In this room we had to use all the creative resources we could possibly find to allow forty-five board members sitting around a huge conference table to use the best multimedia money can buy. Among other things, we have designed a triple display consisted on a central projector and two LCD panels on special custom made lifts. Each LCD has an HD camera for videoconferencing. The main screen, the LCD displays, the projector and the cameras will disappear into the ceiling when the room turns from a videoconference room into a plain meeting room. The electromechanical custom design and custom made lifts allows for a clean and discrete look whenever the board gathers for a regular meeting, allowing free access to the roof balcony, and concealing the electronics whenever it is not needed. The room is controlled by a Crestron control system. Lights and electro mechanics are controlled by a Lutron system integrated into the main AV controller.

Comverse Management Meeting Room, New-York

We designed and commissioned a meeting room for the Comverse Technologies CEO in New-York. The room includes audio-conferencing and videoconferencing Systems.