Multi Function halls

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London

With its 1,200 suites, 20 seminar rooms, a 1,400-seater ballroom and a complete system of digital signage, the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel is a reputable Audio-Visual consumer.
Commissioning of AVD's Audio-Visual system began March 2010.
We also designed the entertainment system for the entrance lobby, the performing sound system for the bar and the background music system for the hotel's restaurants and SPA.

MediaTech, Naharia

A multimedia room where children can enjoy listening to a story that is combined with special effects. The storyteller can choose from up to about 20 effects – each one combining a short animation and sound, together with a synchronized lighting effect..

The auditorium is dual-functioning, providing a magical room for story telling or a standard presentation auditorium with a surround sound system.