The Generations Center at The Western Wall, Jerusalem

The Western Wall Museum is a historical visitor's center.
The first part of the visit is an underground tour among huge symbolic glass elements, while the second part of the visit is an Audio-Visual show, synchronized with lighting and electromechanical effects, including an innovative theatrical smoke distribution system, holographic projections and a personal language translation system – designed by AVD.
The project was completed and commissioned in June 2009.

PA System for Sports Fields, Naharia

AVD designed a PA system for athletic sports fields. The system included three audio zones for players and the crowd, wireless microphones for judges and a facility to program audio sources for music.

Comverse Management Meeting Room, New-York

We designed and commissioned a meeting room for the Comverse Technologies CEO in New-York. The room includes audio-conferencing and videoconferencing Systems.

Clinical Simulation Center at Meir Hospital, Kfar Saba

AVD designed a Clinical Simulation Center in which doctors can practice realistic medical cases in a realistic environment, for evaluation, diagnosis and training.
The Center has six simulation room, each including cameras, microphones and speakers.
All simulations are recorded on a digital recording system for future investigation.