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Thank you for using AVD Browse.

AVD Browse main page is located here

The settings for AVD Browse are located in iPad settings under "AVD Browse" on the left menu.

Touch the different option on the left for more information
Tip 1: How to access a local web page.
AVD Browse is able to display web pages located on a web server or localy in the iPad memory.
  • AVD Browse knows the location of the page by analyzing the home page URL:
  • A URL that starts with http://, https:// or have no prefix will be accessed from a remote web server.
  • A URL that starts with / (slash) , will cause AVD Browse to look for the page locally.
Loading files for use with AVD Browse:
  • Install AVD Browse and run in ones.
  • Connect the iPad to a computer with iTunes.
  • On the left iTunes menu select the iPad device.
  • Select Apps on the to menu and scroll to the bottom
  • Under File Sharing select AVD Browse in the Apps Section
  • press "Add..." or drag the files to the AVD Browse Documents section.
Currently iTunes will not support dragging or adding folders, all files must be in the same folder.
When preparing an html file, create a flat file with all resources in the same folder

Tip 2: Displaying Video or PDF files
AVD Browse can display not only html files but also .mp4 files and .pdf files.
it is possible to point AVD Browse to an .mp4 of .pdf file located on a web server or locally on the device.
For example:
  • , will display movie.mp4 located on a web server in full screen
  • /paper.pdf will display a local pdf file
Tip 3: Modifying behaviors using html tags
Add the following code to the Head tag of the Html Page:

To Disable page zoom add:

<meta name = "viewport" content = "user-scalable = no">

To Disable the copy option in a web page add:
Currently not working under iOS 4.3 , a bug was reported to Apple.
<style type="text/css">
body {-webkit-user-select:none;}

To Disable the page bouncing effect add:
      document.ontouchmove = function(event) {
        if (document.body.scrollHeight == document.body.clientHeight) event.preventDefault();