Our vast experience in the Audio-Visual Industry has led us to many innovative ideas, some of which have become successful products, such as the innovative products below.
We are always looking for simple yet innovative, affordable and easy-to-use products for all communication needs.
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The iPad Mount is a sleek frame designed to fully secure an iPad in a wall mounted digital signage environment. Featuring a simple four-screw installation and availability in a variety of finishes the mount provides a simple and elegant way to turn an iPad into a protected interactive touch device.
The mount was design to be used as a permanent installation solution for iPads in museums,visitor centers, conference centers or any place requiring a permanent installation of a touch enabled device.
The iPad Mount is being sold world wide by Premier Mounts as IPM-700.
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AVD Browse is a web browser for the iPad that allows access to a specific website or web page.
AVD Browser was created especially for applications in which the iPad is permanently installed in a holding device, to prevent the user from pressing the Home button. The App can be used in museums, visitor centers and exhibitions, to allow user access to a specific web page without being able to access other sites. Version 2.0 adds the ability to set 3 different Home Pages, disable external links and alerting the administrator when the devise is shaking. Link
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iTControl is a server software that was designed to allow system integrators and control system programmers to integrate iTunes and FrontRow running on a Mac. into a Crestron , AMX or any other control system. Link
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Pop-Up Table Microphone:
This easy-to-use microphone can be hidden away without actually removing it from the table, by simply pressing down on the top of the microphone until it clicks into place. Pressing on the microphone once again will cause it to rise back up to its original position, above the surface of the table.
Engineered in high quality brass with a built-in shock mount and RF filter, the mechanism has a standard finish in black "Nextel" or Satin nickel.
The pop-up table microphone innovation and initial prototype has been sold to ClockAudio