AVD Blog: 
    Welcome to AVD - Audio Visual Design
    We are an independent consulting office that specializes in designing Sound Systems, Audio-Visual Presentation Systems and Control Systems. Our sole business is consultancy and design. We are focused on the most effective technical solution to suit both the end-users' needs and the client's budget. The designs are then successfully integrated into the architectural environment of the building.

    What We Do
    Sound and video systems are used in theaters, video conference suites, city council chambers, corporate or government training facilities, retail malls or museums – all venues of entertainment, education and training – where effective communications are necessary. All this technology must be integrated into the architectural environment of the venue to work effectively. This is our role – to assist the design team in combining the technology and the environment into a functional whole, while maintaining the designer's architectural vision.

    The Importance of Integrated AV Systems Consultancy
    Our consultants have an overall understanding of all design, architecture, technology and construction requirements and provide specific guidelines throughout all construction phases, to ensure the following:
    • AV systems are aesthetically integrated into furniture, walls and ceilings.
    • AV systems operate integrally with external functions, such as air conditioners, controlled lighting systems and curtains.
    • AV systems and IT systems are interconnected and merged successfully.

    Why use an Independent Consultant?
    An independent consultant represents good value whenever a significant capital investment in Audio-Visual systems is required. As we have no vested interest in particular brands of equipment or systems, we always recommend and specify those products that offer the best performance and value for money. We also provide objective financial sign-off criteria for system performance and installation, to ensure that the client is completely satisfied that the equipment performs as required before the final payment.